* Denotes items are frozen

Chicken Breast Skinless & Boneless (200-230g) 7-8oz 5 pack

£ 7.50 GBP

Whole Suffolk Chicken 1.8-2.1kg

£ 7.50 GBP

Beef Topside Roasting Joint 2-2.2kg

£ 18.33 GBP

Cardington Sirloin Roasting Joint 2.2-2.4kg

£ 45.50 GBP

Pork Loin Rind on (Small) 2.2 - 2.4kg Each

£ 13.95 GBP

Boneless Lamb Leg 2-2.4kg

£ 29.95 GBP

*Duck Legs 12-14oz 340-380g Frozen (2 pack)

£ 5.22 GBP

*Duck Breast 6-8oz 170-230g frozen (2 pack)

£ 5.19 GBP

*Turkey Breast (white meat) Netted 2.5-3kg

£ 19.95 GBP

Available all year round this Boneless Turkey Breast (all white meat) is rolled and netted ready for the oven. (Please note this product has been previously frozen)

Lamb Shank 370-480g average weight 450g (frozen)

£ 5.45 GBP

The perfect winter meat for post roasting

Gammon Joint 2.5-3kg

£ 16.92 GBP

Cook it the way you like and ideal for Boxing Day