springtime specials


Whole Suffolk Chicken 1.5-1.7kg

£ 5.50 GBP

Whole Suffolk Chicken 1.8-2.1kg

£ 6.48 GBP

Beef Topside Roasting Joint 2-2.2kg

£ 18.33 GBP

Cardington Sirloin Roasting Joint 2.2-2.4kg

£ 32.95 GBP

Beef Ribeye Steak Aged 280g/10oz

£ 7.54 GBP

Pork Loin Rind on (Small) 2.2 - 2.4kg Each

£ 11.75 GBP

Pork Loin Steaks Rind On 6oz/170g Each

£ 1.35 GBP

Boneless Lamb Leg 2-2.4kg

£ 23.95 GBP

Cote De Boeuf 900g-1kg (Himalayan 28 day Salt Aged)/ Each

£ 19.00 GBP

Prime UK Beef Aged in our Himalayan Salt Room, ideal for 2 to share.

Jersey Oysters (6 pack) Fresh

£ 7.20 GBP

Live oysters in the shell unopened, Order by Tuesday 12noon for delivery Friday.

Scallops in Half Shell (6 pack)

£ 9.00 GBP

Dayboat scallops cleaned and presented in the half shell. Order by Tuesday 12noon for delivery Friday.

West Country Dressed Crab 170g each

£ 4.90 GBP

Freshly picked Crab dressed and served in the shell with pasteurised crab meat. Order by 12noon for delivery Friday.

*Freshly Cooked Whole Crevettes 40-60 count in 1kg pack

£ 13.90 GBP

Ready to eat Crevettes either cold or gently fry with a little garlic butter. Order by Tuesday 12noon for delivery Friday

Lamb Rack (4 bone French Trimmed) Each

£ 6.50 GBP

Roast this tender cut of Lamb and serve it pink. A lovely treat for this time of the year.

Beef fillet steak 170g/6oz Each

£ 6.80 GBP

Melt in the mouth steak ideal for that special meal