Cooper Foods have been selling fresh seafood since 1986. We buy from all over the UK, but primarily from Brixham in Devon. This allows us to source a variety of the best quality fresh fish and shellfish available.  Please check back daily for updates to our listings. Don't forget to have a look at our specials!
(*denotes item maybe frozen)

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fresh prepared fish

Rope Grown Mussels (Fresh) 1kg

£ 5.90 GBP

Smoked Scottish Salmon (Fresh) 200g

£ 7.95 GBP

Smoked Scottish Salmon (Fresh) 454g

£ 19.95 GBP

Gilt Head Bream Fillet farmed (Durarde) (Fresh) 150-170g Each

£ 2.95 GBP

Large Scottish Cod Supreme (Fresh) 140-160g Each

£ 4.20 GBP

Scottish Salmon Supreme (Fresh) 160-180g Each

£ 5.50 GBP

Sea Bass Fillet farmed (Fresh) 2 x 140-170g

£ 6.58 GBP

Mackerel Lyme Bay (2x whole fish gutted) Fresh

£ 7.60 GBP

Perfect for summer, whole and gutted, ready for the grill

Jersey Oysters (6 pack) Fresh

£ 7.20 GBP

Live oysters in the shell unopened, Order by Tuesday 12noon for delivery Friday.

Frozen fish & seafood range

*West Country White Crab Meat (frozen) 454g

£ 14.50 GBP

*Brixham Hake Supreme (frozen)160-180g Each

£ 4.90 GBP

*Brixham Turbot Portions (Frozen) 140-160g Each

£ 8.50 GBP

*Swordfish Portion (frozen) 160-180g Each

£ 4.50 GBP

*Tuna Yellow Fin Portion (Frozen) 160-180g Each

£ 3.90 GBP

*Prawns Peeled & Cooked North Atlantic Cocktail Prawns 454g

£ 5.80 GBP

*Prawns Peeled & Cooked North Atlantic Cocktail Prawns 2kg

£ 20.60 GBP

*Whole Raw King Prawn Black Tiger 16-20/kg pack

£ 12.00 GBP

*Whole Raw King Prawn Black Tiger 6-8/kg pack

£ 29.50 GBP

*Whole Sardines 1kg (approx 11-15)

£ 3.60 GBP

Great value for money and brilliant on the BBQ

*King Prawns Raw Peeled, De Veined, 16-20 count/1kg bag

£ 11.56 GBP

Individually Quick Frozen prawns ideal for stir-fries, pasta dishes and risottos

bbq seafood selection

*Swordfish Supremes (frozen) 5 x 170 - 227g

£ 23.50 GBP

*Tuna Supremes (frozen) 5 x 170 - 227g

£ 19.00 GBP

*Prawn Skewers 10 pack

£ 15.00 GBP

*Garlic & Herb Marinated Butterfly King Prawn 500g/pack

£ 11.50 GBP

Frozen Coated & Breaded Seafood

*Battered Cod Fillet 18 x 170-200g/ Case

£ 29.00 GBP

*West Country Brown Crab Cakes 24 x 56g/Case

£ 15.54 GBP

*Castle Bay Select Breaded Scampi 454g/Bag

£ 7.30 GBP

*Crispy Battered Cod Goujons 1kg/Bag

£ 17.50 GBP

*Breaded Plaice Goujon 454g/Bag

£ 4.94 GBP