duck & turkey

Cooper Foods range of duck and turkey products available all year round
(*Denotes items maybe frozen)

*Duck Legs 12-14oz 340-380g Frozen (2 pack)

£ 5.22 GBP

*Duck Breast 8-10oz 230-280g frozen (2 pack)

£ 6.95 GBP

*Duck Breast 6-8oz 170-230g frozen (2 pack)

£ 5.19 GBP

Cooked Duck Leg (Confit) 6 pack

£ 14.85 GBP

Turkey Breast (white meat) Netted 2.5-3kg

£ 18.95 GBP

Available all year round this Boneless Turkey Breast (all white meat) is rolled and netted ready for the oven.

*Hand-made Pigs in Blankets (Tray of 12)

£ 4.98 GBP

Not just for Christmas!

Olde English Pork Chipolata Sausages 1kg pack

£ 5.95 GBP