deli & tom's individual pies

Tom's Pies are purveyors of the finest gourmet and multi-award winning pies, sold frozen, lovingly hand-made in Devon. They are created from only the best and freshest ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. Add to that our selection of cooked meats and the Cooper Foods deli is well and truly stocked!
(*denotes items maybe frozen)

*Chicken & wild Mushroom Pies 6 x 260g

£ 21.00 GBP

*Steak & Ale Pies 6 x 260g

£ 22.00 GBP

Black Pudding Stick 1.36kg

£ 5.90 GBP

Sliced Chorizo 500g (approx 80 slices)

£ 9.90 GBP

Wessex Country Sliced Cooked Beef 500g (approx 10-12 slices)

£ 10.80 GBP

Wessex Country Sliced Plain Ham 500g (approx 10-12 slices)

£ 8.80 GBP

Halloumi 250g

£ 3.60 GBP