Cooper Foods beef selection cries out quality from the outset. Our Dawn Meadow beef burgers are handmade to order using only the best English Rib-cap and Chuck Beef, whilst our Cardington sirloin joints guarantee delicious roasts.

Beef Diced English Chuck 1kg

£ 12.90 GBP

Beef English Minced 1kg

£ 9.55 GBP

Beef Topside Roasting Joint 4-4.2kg

£ 59.95 GBP

Beef Topside Roasting Joint 2-2.2kg

£ 29.95 GBP

Sirloin Roasting Joint 2.2-2.4kg

£ 55.35 GBP

Beef Ribeye Steak Aged 228g/8oz

£ 6.95 GBP

Beef Ribeye Steak Aged 280g/10oz

£ 7.95 GBP

Beef Rump Steak 228g/8oz

£ 4.95 GBP

Beef Sirloin Steak Aged 228g/8oz

£ 6.95 GBP

Beef Sirloin Steak Aged 280g/10oz

£ 8.95 GBP

Beef fillet steak 170g/6oz Each

£ 8.95 GBP

Melt in the mouth steak ideal for that special meal